Melopsesketch Lake Canoe Trip

Images from a¬†trip into a lake I hadn’t been to before to once again be immersed in the quiet of nature. Upon arrival at the lake we were met by a huge thunderstorm which luckily enough was about 12 miles away. It was great to watch it move through the area, then came the rain. The following mornings sunrise was spectacular. It was certainly great to be back in the canoe and to be sleeping in the wilds once more with the ever present Loons.¬†

You can listen to a recording from this canoe trip, The Great Silence.

Late Summer Morning, Melopsesketch Lake, NS. oil on board, 6x8 inches $320 including shipping and insurance.

Late Summer Morning, Melopsesketch Lake, NS. oil on board, 6×8 inches SOLD

Thunderstorm From Our Campsite, Melopsosketch Lake NS SOLD

I found a wonderful quote by Sigurd Olson, the guide and writer after getting home. From his book, Reflections From The North Country. “At last I am beginning to believe I am part of all this life and to know how I evolved from the primal dust to a creature capable of seeing beauty. This is compensation enough. No one can ever take this dream away; it will be with me until the day I have seen my last sunset, and listened for a final time to the wind whispering through the Pines.”