Nature Sounds, Licensing

All of Marks work published here is copyrighted. This includes both audio and visual material. You can now find a growing archive of material at;


by Mark that is available for Royalty Free licensing. Click on the banner above for more information. Guidelines for other work on this website and in Marks digital archive is below.

Non Profit
If you are a non profit group or individual interested in using my recordings to enhance a program or charitable event then I am happy to allow free use. Credit must be given to Mark Brennan/Wild Earth Voices. If you have a website, then we ask that you provide a link to

I have allowed free use of recordings to independant/NGO researchers who are conducting research into areas for the benefit of wildlife and natural areas in the past, and will continue to do so. I ask that full credit is given to Mark Brennan/Wild Earth Voices in any documents/research papers in which my recordings have been used. I also ask that you provide a link to Please contact me before hand if the work is to be published on the internet. Also please let me know how recordings have affected research.

I welcome the use of recordings in Elementary, Junior High and High schools for educational purposes. This would include but not limited to enhancing arts programs such as plays and student sound installations. Permission is not necessary but I would like to know how a piece was used, so perhaps drop us a note!

Commercial use refers to the use of our material in any product including but not limited to audio and visual documentaries, commercials, computer games, film, commercial websites, theatre, and cd/dvd’s produced for resale. For this use you need to purchase a licence. This is available here. You must also give credit to Mark Brennan including a link to the website in the completed material or your associated website. Licences for commercial use are for single use only. Please contact me for costs.